All Electronics Recharge & Payment Solution.

We provide all types of recharge and payment services related to all electronic means, in which we also provide a good commission to all our businessmen.

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About android application features

All the services we are providing in the website, we have also given all the services in the Android application, you can also use the complete services through our mobile application.

Use your mobile application with ease

Friends, you can use our platform very easily than other mobile applications and website login.

Connect with others easily

Refer to others by creating your user ID so that both you and your friends can use the platform easily.

Add others and get profit

When you add someone else through you, the company will benefit both you and your friend somewhere.

Good experience new experience

Unlike other platforms, here you will get something new and there will be many things that will make you feel good.

Earn and make friends work

Earn commission cashback by using this platform yourself and get your acquaintances also.

Whatever you do, do it yourself

There is no need of anyone else's help in this, everything is so easy that you can do everything by yourself.

We are giving you all the facilities related to banking, we do not have any service which is not there, we have all the services related to banking.

Like depositing and withdrawing money from the bank, whether it is through Aadhar card or whether it is from ATM, one has to deposit or withdraw money at any time, it will be done instantly.

  • We have become the EBS hub for this in India, that is, the hub of electronic banking services.
  • One will not have to pay any extra charges for availing banking related services.
  • We are also providing banking services along with all types of recharge and payment related services.
  • We are making EBS hub on every area pin code, and we are also providing very simple service through website mobile application.

You will be satisfied with all our services because we give everything at one place, for which you will not have to pay separately or spend different money, we are providing all the services at one place, this will save your money and you will benefit Will also get.

Together we can do something new, it is absolutely sure that your and our profit.

We will provide you all the services through this platform, be it any payment, but whether it is related to recharge, banking, investment or share market, we will provide everything to you.

We want that you do not always have to face problems, we provide you everything on a single platform, even if it is shopping.

After coming here, you do not have to go anywhere else, from here you can get everything, so that you can earn more and more money, it is the nature of our company to give you the opportunity to earn more, and we know that with you is ours and yours. Growth is sure to happen.

If you get all the items, all the necessary things at one place, then we would like you to use our platform only, so that we can give you maximum profits in the coming time.

From here you can get the admin portal of all our services and APIs of all services.

You can also get all the service admin portals and APIs from our company, it has a non-refundable charge which you have to pay, our company's sales team will give you complete information about it, as well as provide you with training.

  • You can make your own brand and the profit you want to give in your market you will decide by yourself, because this business will depend on you, our company can only guide you so that you don't lose, and your business will grow a lot.
  • You can take your business far and wide, in which you can also take help from our team and we will all be happy to help you.
  • We have made all the plans keeping in view the whole market, how and what we should do so that you and we together can get some good experience.

Even if you run your software portal in the market, we will cooperate with you as much as you were using our portal then we were cooperating with you.

We have 2 types of API use with admin, one admin can provide API of all services in future, and second admin cannot provide API of all services in front of him.

There is also some important information which you need to know.

We give all kind of support and profit to all the customers and businessmen associated with our company so that they can do their business very well.

  • Even if you provide service to someone else in the company through you, then the company gives some good profit to both, and our promising team also helps you to increase your business, and this promising team in kept for you only. So that you can cooperate with all the traders.
  • Our company also has chatting support and toll free number to make your services easy.
  • We give you 24 hours of sales and support so that your business continues to grow and you do not have any problems.
  • We also provide services related to software company in this, you can talk to our support team about it.
  • The reason for linking the software service with this service is our own other software company.
  • For more information, you can also go to our other website and understand, the link of which is given here.


Here some people associated with our company or some work have given some message about our company or product, about which we are telling you.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Sara Wilsson


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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Matt Brandon


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John Larson


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We are updating you about our product, which product you will have to pay what our company charges, for more information or discount contact customer care.



  • Get rid of annual charges.
  • No charge for all service.
  • Call for shop branding.
  • Support and maintenance free.
  • Suggestion to increase business is also free.
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API Holder

₹ 99000Lifetime

  • Get rid of annual charges.
  • Support and maintenance free.
  • Call for different service.
  • All services will be available in this payment.
  • API integration support free.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to answer you some important question and you will get the answer of this question right here in the given below F.A.Q. For more information you can also call or whatsapp or mail us.

  • How to register on website or mobile application?

    Go to the top menu and click on Get Started and enter your details, after that submit your registration will be done and you will also go to sign up in mobile app after that submit your registration will be done.

  • You have the option of Forgot Password in both your mobile application and website login, click on it and enter your registered number, after that you will get OTP on your registered number, you can create your new password by submitting it.

  • First connect yourself with our company, then tell all your acquaintances, share your experience with your friends, your business will be very good and will be far and wide.

  • You take Area Distributor ID from our company and add all your friends and acquaintances around you so that you can earn maximum money.

  • You tell us about our company's service and support, how you are experiencing so that we can give you better service in the coming time.


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